Solidaritätskreis Bilel Herford

The police is lying!

On June 3, a 19-year-old migrant young adult from Herford was shot 34 times by police in a dead-end street in the neighboring city. Six of the 13 police officers on the scene fired their guns. The 19-year-old was shot at least six times. The reason for this violence: the car was traveling without lights. This was followed by a chase, presumably because the driver was driving without a license, which ended in a dead end street. According to the police, they shot in self-defense because the 19-year-old turned around and sped towards them. Later, in the second police report, nothing more is to be read from increased speed. None of the 13 police officers had switched on their body cameras, and the vehicle cameras were allegedly not running either. 

The police officers are being investigated for assault, and the person involved is being investigated for attempted murder. In a special session in the state parliament, the presumption of innocence is insisted on for the police officers, for the person shot it has never applied.  The victim has already undergone a number of surgeries and still has many to go. For now it is to be assumed that the person will suffer from paraplegia. 

This is not an isolated case! Not in Herford and also not beyond. 

This seems to be a case of racist and excessive police violence. In anger and sadness we call for a demonstration against racist police violence! Let’s increase public pressure and come demonstrate with us on the streets! 

Many unanswered questions remain. How could a traffic stop end with 34 shots being fired? Why is there no video footage even though there were so many police cameras on the scene? What else do the police have to hide when even the prosecution doubts their account?

Our solidarity and sympathy are with the victim, his family and his friends!

Independent and complete clarification

Not only defund, abolish the police

Justice, clarification and consequences for this and all other cases of police violence.

For an independent investigation center for police violence

Join the demo on 07/15/2013! The demo will start at 2pm at the train station in Herford.